Bespoke Furniture


The research stage is where we would initially sit down with the client to discuss what product it is that they would want, where it is to be situated and potential materials and finish types. Mood boards may be created alongside the client to gain a better understanding of their particular taste and requirements.

Sketching & CAD (Computer Aided Design)

Upon gaining an understanding of what our clients specific needs where we would then start sketching up some rough ideas of the product and finalise the design using CAD if necessary. This takes the design to the final stages where it can be refined to create the final build plans for the workshop.

Material Selection

One of our experts will hand pick the very best timber for the product. He will then process and machine it accordingly. All of our timbers are locally sourced.

Build & Quality Control

At this stage the product is ready to be built and finished. Once completed it is checked over to ensure the highest quality finish and wrapped up ready for delivery.

Teal coffee table
Bedside furniture

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